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Following examples of Bill W.'s - “Pass It On” and Dr. Bob's - “Love and Service”, I sincerely try to carry the message of 12 Steps to any family member touched by loved one's addiction or any person afflicted by addictions. The Program's principles of honesty, unselfishness, strength, love, and hope serve me well for 46 years personally and 23 years professionally.

Living in Akron, Ohio allows me to "Touch History Everyday"




Following in the footsteps of Bill W.: "Forward" and Dr. Bob - "Love and Service", I try to carry the message of the 12 Steps / Steps to the families of addicts as well as to addicts. The principles of the Program: honesty, selflessness, strength, love and hope accompany me for 46 years in my private life and 23 years in my professional life.

Living in Akron, Ohio, I have the opportunity to "Touch Stories Everyday"

“Laugh often and love hard; Win the respect of intelligent people and the sympathy of children; Achieve the recognition of honest critics and endure the betrayal of false friends; Enjoy the beauty; Find the Best in Others; Give yourself without expecting payment even for a moment; Make the world a little better, Have fun and laugh enthusiastically and sing with delight all your life; know that even one life breathes easier because I was alive. "(Ralph Waldo Emerson)

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