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Alcoholics Anonymous began its 80th year of existence in June 2014. In Poland, in August of the same year, she turned forty.

These dates are an occasion to recall the roots of the AA community and the slightly younger Al-Anon community (families of anonymous alcoholics).

It is hard to find a better guide to this history than Irena - born in Warsaw, permanently living in Akron, Ohio (USA), where it all began.

However, this audiobook is not only the memories of members of a certain community. It is a story about how a beautiful life is possible regardless of our past; that hard work on oneself out of love for God and people can turn gray everyday life into a wonderful adventure.

It is a meeting with life wisdom and experience that, after many years of struggle, advise ... cheerfulness.

Irena z Akron - since 1973 an active participant in the 12 Steps Program. For many years she was a board member of the Dr. Bob House (co-initiator of Alcoholics Anonymous) in Akron. Raised in Warsaw in Grochów. He still attends 2-3 meetings a week.

She says she learns something new every day. Her personal mission is to help the families of addicts, and her personal goal in life is: to laugh often and a lot, win the respect of intelligent people and the sympathy of children, achieve the recognition of sincere critics and endure the betrayal of false friends, appreciate beauty, find what is best in others, leave the world a little better, know that even one life breathes easier because I was alive.

Rafał - a sober gambler since 2001, journalist, author of the 12-step program on Radio Warszawa and Telewizja Republika - He conducts 12-step workshops for Christians at the Domaniewska 20 Spiritual Aid Center in Warsaw

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